Presentations with Power and Polish

Making dynamic presentations with confidence is an essential career skill that demonstrates your leadership ability, establishes credibility and ensures you achieve the results you want.

This workshop is beneficial to all those who make business presentations, lead meetings, or speak in front of groups, and wish to communicate more effectively and professionally. The small group atmosphere and continuous feedback and coaching enable participants to overcome anxiety, gain confidence, and walk away as better presenters. Videotaping is available.

Participants learn to:

  • Know and engage your audience
  • Structure your presentations for impact and results
  • Use creativity to move from good to great
  • Deliver with style and confidence
  • Ensure you are heard, understood, and remembered by everyone

The experience is practical, positive, and produces great immediate results!

"Carole's examination of the MBTI and its effect on our actions was most enlightening. The root of certain team issues we had experienced in the past was revealed and this understanding will be invaluable when applied in future team efforts"
Steve Edwards
Mgr, Strategic Planning
The Corporation of the Town of Whitby


Build A High Performance Team

Labelling a group a "team" does not make it one! Learn what's needed to develop your work group into a cohesive unit that gets better results, and enjoys working together.

Learning is reinforced with an experiential exercise that your team will be talking about for a long time!

Teams learn to:

  • Assess where they are now
  • Identify where they want to go and what's getting in the way
  • Establish team ground rules
  • Understand the personality types of the team members
  • Establish team su
    ccess measurements

Talk to us about customized teambuilding programs!


"The true measure of
leadership is not in the
quality of the head,
but the tone of the body.
The signs of outstanding leadership appear
primarily among
the followers."

Max DePree
"Leadership is an Art"

Foundations of Management Series

Today's managers and leaders have a tough job! They are expected to provide vision, manage performance, develop others, communicate clearly, provide feedback, hire wisely, assess performance... all within a constantly changing business environment.

This program will equip your managers with the practical knowledge and tools they need to attract, develop and retain star performers. Presented in a modular format, program content includes:

Managing Performance

  • Setting Performance Objectives
  • Coaching and Feedback
  • Assessing Results vs. Activity

Selecting for Success

  • Identifying Core Competencies Required
  • Behavioural Interview Techniques
  • Legal Considerations

Maximizing Performance

  • The Coach Approach
  • Delegation - How Much and When
  • Developing Trust and Credibility
  • Creating a Motivating Environment

Leading from Within

  • Discovering Your Management Style
  • How Personality Type Shows Up At Work
  • Assessing your personal effectiveness

Customized programs are available to suit the unique needs of your organization, teams, and individuals.


Making Change Work for You

"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." Charles Darwin

We all know how fast our world, our organizations, and our lives are changing. All of us need to be able to embrace the realities, survive our natural initial responses and reactions, and make the most of the changes around us.

Managers play a critical role in helping their employees embrace change. At the same time, they need to maximize employee performance while working in a constantly changing business landscape.

Filled with practical knowledge and tools, program content includes:

  • Understanding the emotional responses to change
  • Building resilience as you build your career
  • Change as a process vs. an event
  • Becoming a change coach


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