Customized Design

Notch up, spice up, or breathe new life into your training initiatives!

Our custom clients are organizations with limited or overstretched HR or Training resources, looking for world-class support at reasonable rates. Sound like you?

Our services complement or augment those that exist (or don't exist!) within your organization.

Needs Analysis

As experienced training professionals, we know that "you don't fix a hangnail with a hammer", and that training isn't the answer to every problem.

We'll work closely with you to uncover root causes and address real needs. This ensures you make the most of each training dollar.

Customized Program Design

We custom-design performance workshops and learning programs to meet the unique requirements of your organization, teams and individuals.

We work with you to refresh, update, revitalize or augment your existing programs. Winning customized programs have included content such as:

Participants in a "Trust" discovery exercise

  • supervision, management, leadership
  • teambuilding
  • coaching skills for managers
  • interviewing and selection
  • facilitation skills and meetings management
  • interpersonal effectiveness
  • time management
  • customer service

Facilitation and Train the Trainer

We'll ensure your training programs are interactive, challenging and memorable; either by providing a world-class facilitator, or working with your existing resources to guarantee a top-notch delivery.

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